It takes a lot of dedication to achieve true career success , but when you set out to choose a career , you’ll likely be considering three factors : is it personally and professionally rewarding ? Does it pay well ? And is it exciting ? 

Howerver , if you are determined and prepared to put in the work , you could find yourself earning a lucrative income ! So , if you are considering to choose what to study and what you want to be in the future , we invite you to take a look to the below list . In fact , they are the highest-paying jobs in the world . 


Potential Salary : 496.000 US

Surgeons are highly regarded medical professionals . In order to become a surgeon , you not only need to complete medical training to become a doctor but also spend a lot of years specialising in a specific field . 

A typical day at the office involves carrying out preoperative diagnoses , post-operation , performing surgical procedures and checking in with patients .


Potential Salary : $411.000 US

What they do ? Just like surgeons , they are trained physicians who specialise in preoperative care . 

Becoming an anaesthesiologist is quite a long and exhaustive process , that usually requires 12 to 13 years of medical training . That’s the reason why Anaesthesiologist is on the top earners in the world . 


With a potential salary from $227.000 , this profession is listed as the third most paid work in the world .

In order to become a physician , you need to complete a medical degree and join a residency programme before obtaining your physician licence . Seems like a long road , but it is undoubtedly a rewarding one .

You can choose to become a general practitioners that is the first point of contact for patients or to be a specialist physicians . Specialist physicians focus on clinical medicine and have extensive knowledge in the area they specialise in . 


Salary potential : $ 304.000

For being a orthodontists you should go through the same training procedure as dentists , but also need to complete a postgraduate orthodontist course after their initial dental degree . 

They are specialised in fixing crooked smiles , aligning teeth and treats.


Salary potencial is $213.000 

All you need to be dentist you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in dentistry , complete all the necessary practical training and once you are a qualified dentist you can also choose to specialise in a particular are .

A dentist advises patients on good dental care , diagnose and treats problems , maintains they dental hygiene and when necessary , they also carry out mini procedures . 


Salary potential : $310.000 

To become a successful CEO takes a lot of dedication an diverse skillset : from leadership to communication and decision-making to business management skills . That’s the reason why CEOs earn lucrative salaries . 

There are no specific educational requirements , a relevant degree or course in your chosen sector is a good starts  , but the most important factor is the experience and natural charisma . 

7.Corporate Lawyer 

Corporate lawyers are essentially legal business advisers , as their main job is to counsel businesses or their legal rights and reponsibilities . So if you are an aspiring lawyer , consider specialising in corporate law . Not only is it an exciting career , but it also pay well ! The salary potential is : $240.000 .

Having a law degree is the first step towards the right direction . After , are different routes to take , depending on where you are based . You can focus on your chosen area of law . 

8.Airline Pilot

The reason why airline pilots are one of the highest-paid professional is because they most not only go through vigorous training but also meet specific physical requirements regarding vision , hearing , speech , height and weight .

The salary potential is $240.000 . College degree aren’t required from most regional airlines , it will be a requirement by major carriers . In order to be an eligible candidate , you will typically need to be over 21 and have a Class 1 Medical Certificate , along with your commercial pilot licence . 

9.Engineering Manager

With a salary potential for $149.000 , an engineer manager need to supervise different projects , communicate with clients and work with diverse teams . You can pursue an MBA or an MEM that will give you the right foundations to become an engineering manager and can gradually progress into this position . 

10.IT Systems Manager 

An IT manager’s main role is to protect office networks from hackers and malware , maintain software and hardware through regular upgrades and resolve any technical issues that may arise . 

The salary potential is $127.000 , and seems that this is an ideal career for all those who are passionate about information technology , an excellent problem solver and if you possess good interpersonal skills . Having a bachelor degree or a master degree related to the field is a good place to start this profession .